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Wine pairing

At The Barn we have a passion for wine.

Let us share our passion with you ...

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The tastings

We are fortunate to have Chefanton conducting our wine tastings and pairings.

He has a deep rooted passion for wine and food alike and 

revel in sharing his knowledge in fun and different ways

with his audience.

We offer an introduction to wine with a food and wine tasting, 

featuring the 5 noble grape varietals, touching on the 

white and red wine making process.

10 to 20 guests are ideal for this fun tasting. 

We also do food and wine pairings where you have a sit down 3 to 4 course meal. This we can arrange with a wine farm or use cultivars from different wine farms. 

Maximum 20 guests. 

Remember that we can also offer these tastings in the privacy of your own home.

Make it happen.

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